Modelling a European Cross-curricular Study Programme for Upper Secondary Schools

Promoting a fundamentally new approach towards transnational mobility opportunities for upper secondary school students

About the project

The DEEDS Project pursues to institute a fundamentally new methodological framework surrounding the development of transnational student exchange programmes and mobility opportunities for upper secondary students, whereby schools undertake a more active role in driving the process while offering high-quality learning experiences, ensuring recognition of the period(s) spent abroad. The rationale of DEEDS endeavours is deeply rooted in the EU’s efforts to establish a European Education Area by 2025, where spending time to study and learn abroad is the norm.



DEEDS eLearning Platform offers an online training path to school community members, facilitating their efforts to develop their transnational student exchange programmes. By utilising the various intellectual outputs, it provides learners with interactive pathways linking theory and practice. The platform’s learning content is structured and designed to accommodate the learning needs and requirements of teachers, school administrators, participating students and hosting families participating and contributing towards such an endeavour. The platform offers access to various Learning Modules, shares the experience of participants through a series of short documentaries and equips learners with a wealth of useful resources and tools.


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