The 2nd Training Seminar of the Erasmus+ DEEDS Project was held in Madrid hosting partners from all participating countries (Italy, Spain, Cyprus & Sweden) at the Italian School in Madrid between the 23rd and 25th of March. The seminar was dedicated to further developing the various project outputs following a mix of plenary sessions and group activities. The 1st day started off with a welcoming speech given by the Headmaster of the Scuola Italiana Madrid, Massimo Bonelli, greeting all participants to the  school.

The participating teachers engaging in the project activities managed to:

  • Finalise the STUDY PLAN MODEL: Eight subject/disciplinary areas were incorporated  in the transnational study plan, whereby teachers succeeded in identifying common content and learning objectives to be taught during the mobility of the students in partner schools. Part of the constructive discussions held focused on the challenges faced during the implementation of the national curriculum and how those can be overcome
  • Wrapping up the SET OF ASSESSMENT TOOLS: Teachers collected the assessment practices utilised in each school aiming to use those as a reference for the development of various tools to assess both learning related to subject content and transversal skills. During the first day of the seminar our guest speaker was Professor Davide Capperucci from the University of Florence led a lecture and a workshop on competence-based assessment through rubrics and authentic learning activities.
  • Initiating procedures for the development of the 3rd output - ADMINISTRATIVE AND ORGANISATIONAL PACKAGE: A transnational working group, consisting of headmasters and administrative staff was formed aiming to develop and establish the internal organisational and administrative procedures which in turn will ensure the smooth implementation of the activities of a given mobility.