DEEDS Outputs

O1. Study Plan Model
This output is key to the success of the whole project. The development of a joint study programme at transnational level can succeed if the partners develop a common study plan to be implemented for the students joining the programme. This will lead to a new learning experiences for the students based on the transnational work done by the teachers of the partner countries.

O2. Set of Assessment Tools
The output will consist of a set of assessment tools to be employed by the participating schools in the framework of the joint study programme and more specifically during and after the mobility sessions that will occur during the testing phase.

O3. Organisational and Administrative Package (AOP)
The AOP represents a key output for the success of the project and starts off from the needs which are closely linked to the organisational and administrative management of the initiative. In order to structure a two-year-programme at transnational level the involved schools need to establish internal organisational and administrative procedures to ensure a smooth in implementation of the activities. In particular, the needs pertain four key areas:

  • the need to define internal management procedures
  • the need to ensure a smooth management of the outgoing mobilities,
  • the need to ensure a smooth management of the incoming mobilities
  • the need to ensure recognition (from an administrative point of view) of the experience

O4. Online Training Course for school staff
The output starts off from the need to provide an online training path for teachers and administrative staff which shows how to use the IOs, and builds on them, while focusing on some critical elements emerged from the process (lesson learned). Additionally, this output responds to the need of valorising the materials produced by teachers related to the study plan and during the lessons by linking them to a dedicated online module.