The DEEDS Project pursues to institute a fundamentally new methodological framework surrounding the development of transnational student exchange programmes and mobility opportunities for upper secondary students, whereby schools undertake a more active role in driving the process while offering high-quality learning experiences, ensuring recognition of the period(s) spent abroad. Upper secondary schools can play a key role in educating future European citizens by providing transnational educational paths capable of equipping them with skills and competencies that pave their access to European tertiary education. The rationale of DEEDS endeavours is deeply rooted in the EU’s efforts to establish a European Education Area by 2025, where spending time to study and learn abroad is the norm.

The DEEDS project partnership consists of three upper secondary schools from Italy, Spain and Sweden, an Italian-based transnational network of local and regional authorities with extensive experience in fostering transnational cooperation processes among educational actors and a research centre from Cyprus with leading experience and expertise in the field of education in the Mediterranean Region. The project predominantly addresses teachers, administrative and management school staff, students within the 16-17 age bracket, civil servants and policymakers in the field of education.