DEEDS Outputs


  1. The first step of the project will be to collect and prepare information about the school systems, the national curricula, the organisation of the school and information pertaining the subjects to be taught in the framework of joint study programme in preparation of C1.
  2. During the C1 seminar materials prepared will be discussed and transnational working groups of teachers will be created.
  3. The content of IO 1(study plan) will be finalized in its pilot version.
  4. Once pilot study plan is ready, the results will be presented and further discussed at C2. At the same time the work groups will continue working on IO2 and a dedicated Work Group consisting of (Coordinators administrative) will start the work pertaining IO3 under the supervision of SERN.


  5. Once the IO2(assessment tools) and IO3 (Organizational and Administrative Package) are ready in their draft version, they will be tested in the framework of C3-C4 (long-term mobility of students). This will provide ground for the final phase of the project.
  6. Following the testing phase all IOs will be presented at the Multiplier events(E1-4).


  7. Feedback on IOS will be collected from stakeholders in all countries.
  8. The final version of the IOs will be produced, published and made freely accessible on the website.
  9. The sustainability strategy is implemented.