DEEDS Outputs

Following is a condensed outline of the DEEDS methodology presenting the various phases and steps leading to developing a transnational student mobility/exchange programme. The project has been articulated into three main phases:

DEVELOPMENT PHASE | (September 2020 - November 2022)

This phase has been centred on the collection of the key elements of the educational systems of the partner schools, including but not limited to national curricula, school organisation, dominant teaching practices and approaches, information concerning the subjects to be taught in the framework of joint study programme in preparation of the first transnational teachers’ seminar.

During the first transnational Teachers’ seminar, the work and outputs prepared were discussed within international working groups of teachers formed for this purpose (one for each subject selected to constitute part of the transnational study plan model).

Following a set of meetings at the working group level, a draft study plan was released, and the results were presented and further discussed during a second training seminar for Teachers in Madrid in 2022.

While the subject-related working groups continued working on the first and second (set of assessment tools) output of the project, a dedicated Work Group consisting of programme coordinators and administrative staff started the work in relation to the creation of the Administrative and Organisational Package ( IO3) under the supervision of SERN.

TESTING | (December 2022 - April 2023)

Following the completion of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) - Assessment Tools and Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) - Organizational and Administrative Package, all outputs were put to the test under the framework of two rounds of student mobilities carried out in early 2023 in Italy, Spain and Sweden.

FINALIZATION | (May 2023 - August 2023)

Upon completion of the testing phase and the various mobilities, all involved actors provided their feedback serving the basis of the various adjustments made to all Intellectual Outputs. The final iterations of all IOs has since been prepared, produced and published made freely accessible through the DEEDS website.